Friday, 14 September 2007

Sophisticated Web 2.0 application 1

PubGene  represents a new generation of fabulous applications developed to extrapolate information from the overwhelming amount of information pertaining to genomics and proteomics. Althoug currently not related to uHealth directly, this type of applications might at some point be related to data from the individual and utilized to provide information for research and further development of clinical decsision support in an uHealth setting?

The company webpage provides the following information:
PubGene is a new public service that  includes advanced biosearch tools, and a easy to use entry point to search for qualified PubGene gene and protein knowledge using Google and PubMed. Some of the features includes Sequence Homology - PARALIGN to perform Smith-Waterman accuracy sequence searches at BLAST speed, relating your biological sequences to their literature associations. A Network Browser - connecting genes to each other and to relevant keywords -including the functionality to query across 21 genomes combined.
PubGene provides up to date information on gene and protein relationships from the literature. It finds gene and protein relationships from your gene expression experiments. the application map mutations to genes, proteins, diseases, or processes, It integrates your confidential gene expression data and text databases. The user can design better array chips with up-to-date genetic information. The user can get pointers to pathway information and other metadata for your gene and protein clusters. The user can build sequence homology networks and relate them to literature, and more than 25,000 000 associations mapped to date.

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