Friday, 14 September 2007

Sophisticated Web 2.0 application 2

A scenario in the uHealth setting might be the connection of the individual's wireless sensor data with knowledgebases and medical expert applications for clinical decision support. The Visual Medical Dictionary is an online dictionary. It goes beyond regular dictionaries by displaying an ontology context tree (MeSH based) and interactive network graph of related drugs, diseases and therapies. For example: a search for "psoriasis" will show a strong relationship with "Cyclosporine" and "Phototherapy" among other drugs and therapies. The providers of the service, Cure Hunter, also offer a Medline based Research Interface. The CureHunter Discovery Engine is the world's only fully unified and integrated numeric index of all known drugs, biologically active agents, diseases and empirical statements of all effective clinical outcomes published in the United States National Library of Medicine.


M2H said...

Thank you for posting this sophisticated web 2.0 application that alerts health care professionals to other links associated with a word in the online medical dictionary. I am going to email the link to my daughter, Anne-Lise, who is a first year medical student at the U of Michigan.

Karl Oyri said...

Good luck to your daughter! :-) K