Monday, 30 July 2007

Sun SPOT- networked tiny computational systems on Sun's platform

Sun SPOT is a networked tiny computational system running on the IEEE 802.15.4.  2.4 GHz ISM radio frequency. The Sun SPOT technology operates on Java platform top to bottom. It provides the ability to run wireless transducer applications "on the metal"(directly on the CPU), saving overhead and improving performance. "SPOTworld" simplifies development by providing a single tool for programming, configuring, managing and monitoring Sun SPOT devices without any OS (operating system). The system handles strong security and has large scalability potential .
A jaw-droppingly cool "migratable application" functionality enables applications (with their complete state information) to be dragged from one Sun SPOT device to another while they're still running.
Sun SPOT is currently commercially available in the US only.
It will be interesting to follow developments of future healtcare applications based on the Sun SPOT platform. Read a Sun SPOT fact sheet.

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