Tuesday, 3 July 2007

What is uHealth?

What is uHealth (or u-health)? - well, if you try to look around the web, it doesn't seem to exist. There is not much on search engines (apart from this blog climbing rapidly to the top of a Google search) and it does not have a page in Wikipedia.

A wider search including 'ubiquitous health' or healthcare starts to throw up a few more hits, but many lead to dead links. So, it seems to be a term that people have started to use, but haven't taken things much further than that.

It was mentioned in 2006 in the Opening Keynote speech at the NI2006 Congress (see our blog post at http://differance-engine.net/ni2006blog/?p=22) and generated quite a lot of discussion at the conference and the subsequent Post Congress Conference (proceedings forthcoming).

Dr. Unna Huh, President of the Information and Communications University, Korea spoke on "U-Korea: ubiquitous technology and health care" and covered 4 areas - the changing world of knowledge and IT; e-Korea; u-Korea; and u-health. The Korean Government, it was said, has instituted the u-health (ubiquitous health) services project to provide healthcare services to rural areas through electronic networks.

So, what is uHealth? - we will post here some ideas taken from the NI2006 Post Congress Conference discussions as a start to discussing the ideas more widely.

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