Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Technology wonder 2: Pearl-the NurseBot-a very impressive young woman

Carnegie Mellon News: brings the following update from the Medical Robotics and Information Technology Center (MERIT):
"Medical robotics combines what humans do well with what machines do well",
" Pearl the Nursebot, an interactive mobile robot that assists the elderly."
Pearl was developed by a team led by Sebastian Thrun of Carnegie Mellon's Center for Automated Learning and Discovery.

"Pearl is a very impressive young woman" Specter said.
"What she can do is remarkable"

"What is being done here is enormously impressive" Specter said.
"This is a community on the move, and high technology is a big factor. I like what I see. I pledge my support for your future achievements"
DiGioia said "these "tools" will reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes"

Are we a little bit optimistic and slightly jumping to conclusions here? -says UHealth Blog. And what is next from these gentlemen, -a handsome DocBot?

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Maggs said...

Pearls a gift of love which she will adore and pass down the generations. Give her pearls for Christmas!